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Stories that you confided to us

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Deriya Berezhna

"You never know how the world can turn around"

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You never know how the world can turn around. We were in the city of Donetsk, when the war started.

I remember how one day the explosions of shells were heard very loudly; I was so afraid that one could fall on our house. I was hiding under the bed and I was very frightened.

I was afraid to leave home when people die defending their homeland. Thank God, I don't hear explosions now, because I am staying in the camp.

For me, the peace is:

1) When people close to you are near you.

2) When your soul is still.

3) You are not afraid that at any moment a bullet or a shell may hit you, you just live in a high.

4) In the future, I would like the war to end, so that everyone lived peacefully and happily. I want to wish you all the best, peace and all the very best.

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