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Stories that you confided to us

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Lera D.

“I would never have thought that my city would have to live in the terror of war"

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I was born in the beautiful city of Horlivka. I really liked this place, I knew every corner in it. However, I would never have thought that war would come to my city.

Since 2014, we often had to leave the city due to the hostilities. I could not feel safe ever since. We were scared to even watch the news or leave the house. I am horrified by the destroyed houses and tanks passing by.

We felt uncomfortable and scared because of the frequent shelling. Thus, my parents decided to change the city. I do not regret it. At first it was very difficult, though, because I was drawn home, despite the war. But gradually I realized that it’s better to be where it’s safe. Now I fell in love with the city in which I live.

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