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Stories that you confided to us

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Liliya Matiiash

"There is nothing scarier than seeing a child's fearful glance"

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There was a crack in the house, because of the vibration caused by the attacks. There are times when we can hear blowing sound. One might wonder, so what? We sealed the holes with wallpaper. Shells fell behind the neighbor's house. They even found potholes. Shell casing. They fell on the spring well, They fell everywhere.

I used to be certain what future holds. But now I am not certain in anything. What does the future hold? You don't know what to count on or rely on.

We constantly heard weapon shots. Houses behind the road were damaged. What did we see? We saw children's frightened eyes. There is nothing more terrible than to see the frightened look of a child's face.

They lay down next to each other. It was scary. Children screamed. I had to give my daughter medication — she shed tears all the time. It was scary. Nearby houses were also damaged. Everything was damaged.

"We told the children that our grandfather was an angel, who protected us from heaven"

Shelling hasn't stopped, but we do not know where they are aiming these days. How long will it last?

We told the children, "Our grandfather protects us." He passed away 10 years ago. We soothed the children.

We said he was an angel who protected us by beating off shells away from our house with his wings,. That is how we calmed the children.

We hoped that our house would be spared. Luckily, it hasn't been damaged yet.

We sent our children to Khmelnytskyi last year, because the attacks got worse.  Thanks to the support of our relatives, they finished the second grade in Khmelnytskyi. That's where we come from. We didn't leave with them. Our neighbors were injured, the windows in their house shattered. I do not know how it is possible, but our house remains intact.

"We can cook food on the fire if there is no electricity"

I prepare firewood for kindling to heat the house in the winter. We have heat the house so that my younger sisters can warm themselves. In case electricity is cut off, we can stay in the summer kitchen to cook food. We can cook food on the fire if there is no electricity.

We sat without electricity for four months in 2015. Many lines were broken then, and there was no electricity for a long time.

My son would like to study, but he said, "I want to go to work, I'm tired of sitting at home all day." He plays football well. He used to be able to take part in competitions. Now he cannot do it any more here, in Avdiivka. There is no perspective for children. Daughter is still at home.

Positive thinking that everything will be fine is very helpful. Thoughts about the future. I'm just sure that everything will be fine. As the phrase goes "God will give the day, God will give us food".

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