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Stories that you confided to us

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Olya Lyashkevich

“I couldn’t believe that there was a war in my hometown and my beloved city Donetsk”

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My name is Olya, I am 14 years old. Four years ago I lived in Donetsk, but after the start of the war I moved to the seashore city of Mariupol. To be honest, it was very difficult at first! For some time, I couldn’t believe that there was a war in my native and beloved city Donetsk. I could not imagine all this and arrange it in my head. Before 2014, I could not even think about a real war in my city and my country.

I am very glad that at the start of all this mess I was on vacation and did not see the fall of my city!!!

Hence, having moved to Mariupol, I, of course, had to go to a new school. It was very hard. New city, new people - all this really pressurized me.

I saw how my parents strained, they were looking for an apartment and a school for us. Now, when I think of everything, I understand them, but at that time I behaved selfishly. I sobbed and complained about everything, I thought that everything was bad for me. Now I am very embarrassed of my behavior.

In any case, I did not go to school right away, but I made friends there with everyone, found myself the best girlfriends and friends. By the way, I am currently staying in the camp with one of them.

Now I visit my native, beloved and very best city - my Donetsk. Of course, I come there only for vacations or holidays, but, nevertheless, every visit to my relatives (those who stayed there, namely grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers) like a celebration.

It is very hard for me without them, I have to wait either when they come to us, or when we go to Donetsk.

Let's go back to the theme about my city. At first it was sad to see it being gray and drooping, there was a noticeable contrast between the city I left and the city I arrived in. Despite this, I still love it and believe that someday there will be peace again.

There will be no flashes of shots and no explosions. For four years, my most cherished desire is peace in our country, and in the whole world. I want to live in Donetsk again, travel from our station and fly from my favorite airport, which does not exist anymore!

Now we all believe in peace, and I think that if we believe in peace and strive for it, one day our dreams will come true. As they say, if you really want to, you can even fly into outer space. So, I wish everyone peace and wellbeing! After all, now we know that there is no life during the war. People need peace!

Thanks for the time in the camp!!!

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