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Stories that you confided to us

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Lyudmyla Nedozym

"We didn't have time to see a doctor for our daughter as the war broke out"

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Last year, our three-year-old daughter Olena caught a cold. We decided to see a pediatrician. She heard heart murmurs and recommended to seek professional advice. But the war started in Luhansk, and we never got a chance.

The Grad attacks had just started - it was very terrifying. I went to get the tickets. My baby and I managed to leave the place within three days,. We no longer had jobs or proper medical care in Luhansk.

We went to Western Ukraine to visit our relatives. Olena was diagnosed with cardiac failure there. They said that they should operate immediately, that the situation was life-threatening. And the older the child, the more dangerous the possible complications may be.

We had no money for surgery. It was a question of the sum of 60,000 UAH. My husband and I were still unemployed. Since we were internal refugees, we sought help from benefactors. Olena had a surgery thanks to the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation.

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