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Stories that you confided to us

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Galina Shuklinova

"More than once we found ourselves on the brink of hunger"

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We live near Avdeevsky industrial zone. We have many houses with broken walls and windows.

To the fear of getting under fire, was also added fear of freezing. Our house was left without gas, like many other houses. We cook food on the street, even a small stove was made for this. It's cold, but what to do?

My son Maxim is disabled. He had an accident. He dived once on an unfamiliar beach - as a result of this he got a fracture of the cervical vertebra. Doctors were fighting for his life for a few weeks, but after the injury he lost control of his arms and legs. The son hoped that at the age of 37 he would help us, but it turned out the other way around.

Especially frightening is his helplessness during the shelling. In our neighborhood, ten houses away, a shell hit, it killed four people.

We can’t take Maxim to shelter, therefore, during the shelling, his father remains next to him, risking his life.

We have repeatedly found ourselves on the brink of hunger, especially in the first year of the war. Five months we did not receive a pension. It was very hard...

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