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Stories that you confided to us

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Olga Zhelnovatskaya

"We can’t forget how my daughter was fleeing under fire"

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For three years now, there has been no gas in Krasnogorovka and electricity is often cut off. It is warm in our apartment - the owners allowed us to put a firewood stove. And on the staircase we stacked firewood for it.

We moved here at the beginning of the war, when we were left homeless. From the shelling, a wall fell in, all the gear crashed, the roof was broken through. 

We were saved by the fact that on this day we left home to visit relatives. We still cannot recover from the shock. And our 11-year-old daughter Masha is afraid to go out. She still can’t forget, as she fled under fire from the street to the entrance.

Masha Zhelnovatskaya, Krasnogorovka

My husband Vitaliy is a disabled person of the first group, without help he cannot even hold a mug in his hand. He has muscle weakness; in a few years he turned from an absolutely healthy man into a disabled person. He needs supportive therapy, but we have no way to pay for the course of treatment. And so we live in saving mode.

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