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Stories that you confided to us

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Angelica Prokhorenko

" I can’t provide the child with full treatment"

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My ten-year-old daughter has asthma, and she has to take medication every day, even when there are no seizures. But to buy medication in Donetsk is difficult and expensive, so once every three months I go to Mariupol for free medications. Before the war, we received these medications under the state program, but since 2014 there have been no receipts of this medicine.

 We could not leave Donetsk then; outbreaks were frequent, especially in the autumn-spring period. Then my daughter did not go to school for a month, and two.

The medications, after all, appeared on the market, but I cannot I buy them. I work as a nurse, I get a minimum wage and cannot afford for my child a full course of treatment.

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