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Stories that you confided to us

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Yana Gorjala

"Our cow Kuka saves children from starvation"

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I constantly think about how to feed my children. Because of this, I have to travel several kilometers to the cowshed every day. There's our cow, Kuka, who saves my children from starvation.

My daughter Angelina is 14 years old, she recently learned to milk a cow. We make cheese, cottage cheese… But this opportunity appears only when it is quiet.

Our cow Kuka saves children from starvation

Three years ago, our house got under fire. The children almost died. They had a two-level bed. During the shelling, shards of glass flew out of the window at it, and the ceiling fell. As the children made their way to the exit, they cut their hands and feet.

The house was restored by us. We saved money on everything. Everything that could be sold from dairy products was sold.

Here in the nearest villages people are unemployed. Many of them worked at an agricultural firm before the war, but now it is in decline.

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