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Stories that you confided to us

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Natalia Reutska

"We have no one to celebrate holidays and birthdays with"

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What is peace for me? I don't think I have an exact definition. But mostly – this is when you do not need to pass the inspection and issue documents to go to another city.

My family and I often go to the city of Artemivsk, which is closest to my hometown, where I was born and still live, Horlivka. My parents often go there, because their work is there. My sister and I are often stay alone or with my grandmother. Mom and dad get tired of it, but they have to keep going. I feel very sorry for them when they get headaches after roadblocks or go to bed exhausted.

Also, peace for me is the presence of all my relatives near me. After all my relatives and friends left, we had no one to celebrate holidays and birthdays with. I used to be able to call someone close to me at any time, warn them of my arrival, and come to spend the night with my grandmother, aunt, or someone else.

Peace for me also meant  time when I could go to the city and walk there late with my friends or sister and not be afraid that there would be no transport or that the military might approach us. If it wasn't for this war, I would have had more opportunities, and my family would be nearby.

I really want a peaceful sky above us.

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