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Stories that you confided to us

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Lera Starukhina

"We must stop the war"

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It is necessary to stop the war so that the city lives and begin to build what was destroyed.

Donetsk is a very bright big city. There are many friends. People are good. There are many beautiful streets, parks, and a lot of large buildings. It's just such a heartfelt, open, very nice and beautiful city.

I studied there until the third grade, went to all sorts of exhibitions, we cleaned school yards.

War is very scary. My grandparents are in Donetsk, and they stayed there. It's much scarier there now. Something may happen – a bomb will fall somewhere in the house.

I would like there to be peace and my family to be happy. So that they go to their dreams and implement  them. So that there are no conflicts, so that everyone lives in peace and kindness.

We must stop the war
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