Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Mykhailo Usenko

"Helicopters were flying over us taking down the drones”

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Our family lived very well before the war started. Soon my mother and father divorced, and my mother and I went to my grandmother's house in Chasov Yar. Shots were heard every day in Chasov Yar. Sometimes helicopters were flying over us taking down the drones. I stayed there all summer.

At the end of the summer, we went to Kramatorsk. I went to school and found a lot of friends.

In February 2016, I didn't go to school – the bombing started in our neighborhood. The windows on the first two floors were shattering. A shell hit our house.

I hope that soon the war will end and there will be peace. People won't die anymore. No one will have to move to other houses and apartments. People will return home to their relatives and friends.

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