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Stories that you confided to us

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Zoya Butskaya

"The war affects health"

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Our eldest son Alexei is ill with a rare form of cerebral palsy, is bedridden for 35 years and needs constant care. We took him to hospitals, but to no avail. Everything hurts him, he also takes heavy medications for pain relief. When spasms begin – he cannot fall asleep.

At first, my husband Ivan helped me to take care of my son. But for three months now he himself needs help. As he was working in the garden, he fell and broke his leg. He needs a long rehabilitation. And before all this, I had an oncological operation.

I think the war affects all of this. We are so nervous! Due to the illness, my husband and I both lost our jobs.

Of the main incomes, we only have a son’s disability allowance, and moreover our daughters and granddaughter live with us. My daughter is five months pregnant, she has to go to the neighboring city for examinations, because in our village the hospital has long been closed.

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