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Stories that you confided to us

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Victoria Kazakova

"We lived one day at a time and did not know if we would wake up tomorrow"

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My name is Vika and this is my diary. I’m going to tell you how my life was from 2014 to 2018.

Since the beginning of 2014, my family and loved ones did not even suspect that there was a really terrible situation in our area.

We were very scared, we even wanted to move, but my mother denied this fact, because all her relatives and friends remained in the city. And we continued to listen, see, suffer whatever was happening on the street.

Since 2015, very strong shelling started in our city, we could not even go down to the basement, since tanks, soldiers, military weapons were right in front of our house. We were not even allowed to go to my grandmother, although she lived two hundred meters from us. It was so terrible. This stress, of course, destroys the psyche and nervous state of people.

In 2016, when we were at sea, my grandmother called us and said that they were under fire so hard that all the windows in the house just flew out. She said: "Stay at sea for another three days, so as not to see or hear what is happening." But we were very concerned about our loved ones, we went home the day she called.

Since 2017, we have begun to look at this whole situation more tranquilly. We lived one day and did not know if we would wake up tomorrow.

It has become our habit to listen to explosions and watch mines explode outside our window. Somehow we got used to all this. Though how can you get used to this?

The New Year, 2018, has come, which we did not meet with the sound of clock, but of explosions.

It became quieter in the neighborhood in March. Although one day later, bang-bang was heard in the distance again. Many schools, institutions of higher education, shops, and some buildings were closed.

This year I am going to grade 9, of course, I want to graduate school well, and it depends on us.

I would like to enter a good [educational] institution. There was an opportunity to go to Gorlovka, Avdeevka, Donetsk, Yasinovataya. But the entire road is closed due to mistakes of people.

I would like everything to work already in 2019 and there was peace everywhere in all of Ukraine, no one quarreled with anyone and everyone was happy that we live in our united and native Ukraine.

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