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Stories that you confided to us

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Ekaterina Kholodova

"We survive as best we can"

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We survive as best we can. Many people have to choose what to buy in the store - e.g., bread or cereals. You can buy only one thing with your savings. And very few stores remain open...

 It is very difficult to keep health in check when you do not have enough pension payments. I have diabetes. The disease is hereditary, my father died of it. Before the war, I took medication to keep my illness at bay, and even worked as an office-cleaner. When the bombing started, the office closed, and I lost my pension as well.

I had some savings for a rainy day, but they ran out in a couple of months, and there was nothing to buy medicines for.

Thus, the disease was worsening. Now I sit at home all day, trying to take treatments with natural home remedies, but they are of no use.

I heard that you may go to Mariupol and re-register your pension there, but to do that, you need money for travelling costs. And where will I go when I'm 75 years old with bad legs?

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