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Stories that you confided to us

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Mykhailo and Kateryna Lyshchenetskyi

"We have been together for 64 years. But the war almost separated us"

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We had children and raised them, and we went through many hardships, but the war almost separated us.

We have been together for 64 years. But war and poverty do not allow us to spend our old age in peace.

One of the shells landed right in front of the house. It hit hard. I called for Kateryna from the bedroom, but she did not answer. I thought that she was dead already. We are very afraid of being left without one another. Neighbors frightened by the shelling are almost all gone. We don't know how to live in a house destroyed by shelling.

We are not afraid of the roar of shells, we simply do not hear them. The most annoying thing is poverty.

We cannot take care of us ourselves, and our poor pension is not enough to survive, the children and benefactors help us.

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