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Stories that you confided to us

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Vasily Kotik

"We decided to return to our ruins"

views: 911

Due to my state of health, I can barely walk; three years ago I underwent a complicated surgery on my hip. A leg was detaching in the hip joint. They placed it back seven times. But I'm not used to sitting back. In the 80 years my wife and I have to start life anew.

Because of the war, we lost housing and property. A shell exploded at the neighboring house - and our house just crumbled. Windows and doors flew out, as if they were not there. In our hands we had only a bag with documents.

We did not know where to go. We stayed for a whole year with our family, but the strength of the over. We stayed in the village of Pervomaisky, from where it is only six kilometers to our native village of Peski. So we decided to return to our homeland, to the ruins, but to our own property.

 In Pervomaisky we settled in an abandoned house. We rely only on ourselves, because relatives are far away. We have grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but they live all over the world.

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