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Stories that you confided to us

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Viktoriia Koval

"We cried when they brought us some medicine"

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 I was on the verge of survival in the ATO zone without medicines and support from the state. My family addressed various funds for help, but only the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center agreed to provide urgently needed medicines.

I got sick when I was 18. Doctors could not make a diagnosis for a long time until they detected a benign brain tumor – pituitary adenoma. Ever then, I have been forced to take medication for life.

My family consists of two generations: elderly parents and children. My mother and father are retired, my brother teaches at Donetsk National University. We managed to purchase medicines by ourselves until this summer. One of the drugs is very expensive and is not registered in Ukraine – we purchased it in Germany. And war broke out in Donetsk this summer.

In July, I moved to my parents in Krasnoarmeisk (now Pokrovsk) Donetsk Oblast - it is somewhat calmer together. At the same time, the family lost any financial income, pensions and salaries disappeared.

I called the benefactors, and a courier from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation Center brought medicines at the end of October! Next thing on the agenda is more drugs to be injected. Mom, dad, and I – we all cried when the medication was delivered.

Everyone is very worried about me. We just couldn't believe it, come to our senses because someone was not indifferent, came into my situation, literally gave me these expensive medicines. We are all grateful to the Headquarters! And I dream of saying thank you personally to Rinat Leonidovich. You know, we applied to different foundations, but only one helped.

Unfortunately, I can't get a job because of my illness. But now I have hope that everything will work out right. Supportive medications are on hand, so I'm on the lookout. The only source of income so far is dad's pension, which has finally arrived. The harvest from my own garden really saved us up - we stocked up some potatoes. That is exactly how we live.

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