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Stories that you confided to us

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Taisiya Borodkina

"We hear explosions every day"

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I am a teacher with 50 years of experience. I taught math to my children, and in retirement I study probability theory. But even for me, an experienced mathematician, going to the store is not an easy task. Prices in settlements on the line of demarcation are higher than in peaceful cities. My pension is only enough for a few grams of sausage-and that's it. And I need to feed and treat my disabled son.

We hear explosions every day

12 years ago, he injured his spine, his legs failed, and now he has gangrene. Nikolai is not paid a pension, although as a migrant he has completed all the documents. He moved in with me to escape the war in Horlivka. But here, too, he hears explosions every day. He can't go home. He won't survive alone in the apartment on the ninth floor.

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