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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentyna Karnaukh

"It was a miracle that we survived, but five local residents died"

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We haven't been able to return to Olenivka for two years. Our house was damaged by a shell. Half of the house was destroyed. Now we live in the village of Prokhorivka, Volnovakha District. We, the migrants, are supported by caring people.

My five-year-old daughter Diana's only friend is a Guinea pig named Nosy. She cared for it very much. There were very few peers  in the village, and there are no playgrounds at all.

I, my daughter and my parents have been displaced since the summer of 2014.  Shells exploded everywhere in Olenivka. Mines hit the garden twice, and then a mine flew into the house and crashed the wall.

Those were the worst days of my life.  It was a miracle that we survived, but five local residents died. The neighbor was killed right in the yard.

When we moved, I lost my job. We needed to learn to survive in the new place,almost without money. The vegetable garden, household and villagers are our salvation. People help with everything they have.

Prokhorivka is not located on the front line, but we can hear the sounds of war here.

Diana will start school next year. We do not hurry to select a school. I hope that next autumn we will come back to Olenivka.

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