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Stories that you confided to us

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Liudmyla Vykhodtseva

"Restoring the power line, my husband was blown up on the tripwire"

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My house is in the 'grey zone.' And I'm sure the shooting attacks can be resumed any time soon. I keep food, water, a mattress, and warm clothes in my basement. We should have enough supplies for a few weeks.

 T he neighbouring buildings were destroyed, and our house was not damaged against all odds. But evil chance seldom comes alone. My husband died while helping to restore the power lines. He got blown up on the tripwire next to the utility poles. Having being wounded, his own brother died, too.

Our family was divided by war. My daughter and grandchildren went to Dnipropetrovsk. The photos are the only reminder of peacetime. I can't look at them without crying.

Today large-scale battles are not taking place in Verkhnyotoretske, but the situation was very difficult last winter and summer. 12 people were killed then.

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