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Stories that you confided to us

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Oksana Puhachova

"My children still can't look at the shattered walls"

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Our house is on Yuzhnaya Street. The housing almost collapsed after another mortar attack. It is dangerous to be in it. We were even forced to live with the relatives for a while.

When the shelling stopped slightly, we immediately returned home. But my children still can't bear to look at the shattered walls. A calendar for the terrible year of 2014 still hangs there as a reminder.

You can still find shanks from mines in our yard. There is simply no point in putting things in order here. The attack can start at any moment.

They say that more than thirty people were injured in Hranitne during the three years of the war, and nine were killed.

Now people who came from an uncontrolled territory and rent houses live here. And the basic condition here is to have a shelter and a basement - a place to hide there and wait out the attacks.

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