Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Yuliia Lysenko

"My house was bombe. So now I have to knock about my relatives"

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After a car accident nine years ago, I injured my spine and stopped walking. I lost my house because of the armed hostilities.

I am a master of sports of international class, silver and bronze medalist of the world championships in fencing, champion of Ukraine. I achieved all these successes sitting in a wheelchair. Sport has given me a second life after an injury that is physically and psychologically very difficult to bear.

Now I have to wander around relatives – my home was bombed. But I don't give up sports. I attend  fencing classes.

There is another main concern – health problem. I need to take medication regularly and undergo treatment twice a year. One course of treatment costs about 10,000 UAH, which is equal to eight of my pensions. If only I didn't need money for anything else, just for medication.

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