Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Oleksandra Leonova

“I am aware of the word 'war'"

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My name is Sasha. I cannot say that my life is senseless. It is far ahead. The main thing for me in life is friends. But frankly, I don’t have real friends, only dummies, fakes. Someone might think that I am an introvert, but as you understand from the above, this is only partially true.

In general, I am an ordinary teenager with all my imperfections, perks and needs. I never felt sorry for myself and in the future I will not feel sorry for myself and my needs.

I am aware of the word 'war'. I will not say that I am the most unhappy person in the world, that I live in such a restless time. Someone may live even worse than me,. All I want is everyone  to live in peace: me, my family and all the people on the planet.

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