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Stories that you confided to us

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Lilia Demenkova

"I'm sorry that my hometown was so bombed"

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We moved for family reasons and because of the war. We lived near the airport, and my dad went deaf in one ear because of it.

The most terrible moment was when we are sitting in the hall with my father and mother, watching TV – and near our house, not far away, something like this landed.

Well, it was very scary. We had a two-story house, we went up, looked: our neighbors ' windows were broken.

In fourth grade, we moved in with my grandmother. I lived there for a month and went to school. Once I went to school, I heard something flying over me. I look up, and there was  a giant orange ball that was  on fire. I ran fast. My mother said: "Don't go out on the street there is now shelling." I went out. I wanted to go to school myself already. And I ran quickly home to my mother, and we didn't go to school that day. It was very scary.

I'm sorry that my hometown was bombed like this. It was so beautiful. “Donbass-arena”. I used to go there all the time with my mom, and now there's nothing there.

I really want to get to Donetsk, at least for one day, for a couple of hours to go there, with my friends, to talk. Mom and dad don't communicate  right now. I'd like to get it back. Go back in time to how it was.

I think the war will end. We would probably live in Donetsk, in my hometown.

I would have gone there if the war had ended. I would have found my love there, had children there, lived there.

War for me is scary, very scary.

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