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Stories that you confided to us

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Raisa Mamonova

"Now I see shots in my nightmares!"

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I had a happy life before the war in this house. But now it doesn't even look like home. This happened more than two years ago. The direct hit of the projectile completely destroyed the dwelling. It was very scary, I shocked.

I spent my youth in this house, I raised my children there, my parents spent their last days there, and I raised my granddaughter there.

Now I see shots in my nightmares, I am so scared for the kids!

Now I live with my neighbors, they moved out of Zolote a long time ago. This dwelling was also damaged, but it was restored. The roof was covered, there is water supply and electricity.

"Gray zone" is a gray hut. We live now for one day, if we have lived a day it is so good.

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