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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Chaplygina

"I had to beg by a church"

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My three children and I know well what hunger is. At the beginning of the war Avdeevka was under constant shelling, payments were stopped. Shops were closed, and bread was brought by cars. My child was sitting in a stroller and shouting: "Mom, I want to eat!" 

When a military man gave us three loaves of bread, I thought that the child would simply turn the carriage over. My daughter grabbed this loaf of bread and just started to bite it. And I stayed up all night with her, because her tummy was sick and swollen.

I even had to ask donations by a church. Bullets flew, mines whistled, shells exploded ... And when we got a piece of bread, and I divided it into three, the children always broke off a piece of me: "Here, mother, eat!"

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