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Stories that you confided to us

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Lisa Kalistratova

"Peace is when you sit in your home and just smile"

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In 2004, I was born in my hometown of Makiivka. I had everything there: my family, my home, and a lot of friends. But because of the war, we had to leave our beloved city.

We arrived in Sloviansk, where there are no friends or relatives nearby. If I had come back, the first thing I would have done  -  see my family and give them a big hug. I really want to go back.

I have no relatives in Sloviansk except my mother, father and brother. In Makiivka, we celebrated the New Year with our whole family and relatives. We held various competitions, fired salutes, and now we sit in a cafe with my mother, father, brother, ate different food and went to bed.

Everything is not as it used to be.

For me, peace is when your family is around, when you sit in your home and just smile. There are no shots, no tanks on the road, but just peace.

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