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Stories that you confided to us

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Viktoryna Kyrychkova

“I wish children would not be afraid to go out”

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Once, walking with my friend, we went to the park to roller skate. My friend heard something buzzing. We got scared and ran to the road to see what it was.

We were stunned when we saw that this was a tank, and three more vehicles with military men were behind it.

I was already 10 years old at that time. I got scared and ran away home. Mum calmed me down. The next day, right in the morning, planes and helicopters began to fly.

All I dream about is to see the war end! And so that people would live peacefully again.

I wish children were no longer afraid to go outside. And that in my native Toretsk was not shot at any more.    I wish people wearing military uniforms would not come here any more, tanks would go away, and helicopters would fly far ahead.

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