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Stories that you confided to us

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Zinaida Pervushina

"Mom survived the war and famine, but she could not imagine that all this could happen again"

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Since the beginning of the war, young people left the village, only the elderly remained. We always have something to do in the courtyard: we wash the dishes, then chop the wood. I have to do everything alone, there is nobody to help me. The husband died at the mine 25 years ago. The children helped, but with the outbreak of war they left their home.

Our village Keramik is constantly under fire. Not far from us there are Avdeevka and Verkhnetoretskoe. They shot at us hard. My neighbor died. Shells chopped down trees on our street.

I’ve already lost count of how many terrible nights I spent in the basement. But I’m not afraid for myself, but for my 90-year-old mother. She survived the war and famine, but could not imagine that in 70 years everything would happen again. 

Our house has survived under shelling, but needs repair. We can’t even think about it - we spend all our income on medications.

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