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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Zherebchenko

"People don't want to live in this pain"

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We have a large family, so we could not quickly pack up and leave the shootings behind. We just couldn't leave our horses. But we brought them all.

We had changed seven places of residence over the years, my husband was arrested three times at checkpoints. But today we are happy. And a week ago, we took custody of two more children.

It is not easy to remember the events of 2014-2015 even for me, a psychologist, who knows the techniques of psychological protection, because then the lives of children and animals were repeatedly exposed to danger. Just imagine how difficult it is for a child to remember what he or she had experienced. It is difficult with adults too. Since it was such a difficult time and people tend not to remember the horrors, they just went through.

People do not want to live in this pain, so all the witnesses of the conflict in Donbass are forced to preserve their memories.

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