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Stories that you confided to us

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Nikolay and Evdokia Artemovs

"People who survived shelling are confronted with stress and disease"

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It is said one shell twice does not fall into one funnel. They hit our house with direct fire three times. 

When burst a shell from "Grad", we were in a basement. It destroyed the roof and a wall, the neighbors then barely dug us out.

And after some time a mine flew into our house. We fell, screaming, a dog shivered under us, also screaming. And then the third shell flew in.

We lived in a dilapidated house for more than two years. There was no light, there was no gas. In the morning we got up, they made tea at the stake. We built, finally, new walls in the house, we hope that everything will be OK. Of course, it’s scary, but we survived, we live and we will live here.

Although the number of funerals has increased in the village for the last year. People who survived the shelling are crippled by stress and illness.

Nicholay during the war was blinded in one eye, my heart is making trouble. But the most painful thing is separation from relatives. We have not seen our daughter and grandchildren for four years. We are even crying - so I want to see them. Maybe for the last time ...

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