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Stories that you confided to us

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Olha Ovsyannykova

"When Grads started shooting in Donetsk, I just snapped"

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I have a seriously ill 11-year-old daughter. Tanya has severe brain injury. We left Donetsk at the beginning of the armed hostilities, and my husband was forced to stay there. We have been living separately for three years now.

When Tanya was born, she was immediately started having seizures. We took her to intensive care. They said the baby wouldn't survive. They did manage to save her, but she started having epileptic seizures. Later, the situation deteriorated.

When they started launching the Grad rackets in Donetsk, even the house shook. I just snapped. I took the baby and left. My husband did not go with me. He is an artist, however, he has never picked up a brush since the war. He had exhibited his works for many years. But, unfortunately, with the beginning of the war, things went downhill. He no longer fancies painting.

Every weekend, my husband comes to the house that he built himself. The house is next to the Donetsk Airport, and was even almost intact. And there are no other houses left standing.

My husband misses us very much, but he understands that our daughter will not survive in Donetsk. Before the war, we got free medicine for her, and everything was fine, but now the question of free medicine does not even stand.

We currently live in Sviatohorsk. The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation helps us by delivering food and medicine.

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