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Stories that you confided to us

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Svetlana Yatsenko

"Every day I pray before icons and ask to save my son"

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I lost my daughter, husband and mother. My only comfort is the 33-year-old son Ivan. He is disabled, suffers from epilepsy, mental retardation. To predict when he will have another attack of epilepsy is impossible. Now he talks to me normally - and then he suddenly falls, and I can’t do anything. He has many bruises and scars on his body - the consequences of falls.

Eight years ago, a series of tragedies commenced in my life. My daughter died at 18. A year later, my husband died, and then my mother.

We live hearing explosions every day. Every day spent in our place is very scary. 

The third year I can’t take my son for examination, I’ve got no money. Half the money we spend on medications. For numerous people, life has gone downhill. Every day I pray before icons and ask only for one thing: to protect my son.

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