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Stories that you confided to us

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Hanna Kolle

"Because of the war, my daughter developed diabetes"

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Five-year-old daughter Natasha cannot have anything that small children love so much. She suffered terrible stress due to the military actions in Bugas. And we have to adhere to a special way of life. Natasha has diabetes. Every day in the fourth lesson at school, the older sister, 12-year-old Irina comes to Natasha to inject her with insulin.

We are sure that Natasha's diagnosis is due to her shock. A shell exploded near our house. When it fell, she was standing there, she did not make a sound.

Stress and failure in the body became the cause of the current difficult life.

We managed to cope with the shock, but now we have a schedule for every day. We write down what we have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, how much we eat, sugar levels, and insulin levels. Natasha already knows how to perform herself the necessary procedures – measuring blood sugar.

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