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Stories that you confided to us

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Vasily Kiselev

"My partner did not let me die in a burning tractor"

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Our village of Kodema is in the firing line. Food and medicine delivery is a big problem. I survived against all odds and almost lost my limbs when I was blown up by a land mine almost a year ago.

 Everything happened on a normal working day, in April 2015. My partner and I are tractor drivers. We got behind the wheel, drove across the field, drove 10 meters and witnessed an explosion. I didn't feel any pain, I just looked at my hands and realised that I had no fingers.

My partner did not let me die in a burning tractor. It turned out that my body was half burned. I had 28 surgeries in the Kramatorsk Burn Center.

I really do not with to talk about it. I have to brace myself and learn to walk again. My heel is shattered. Because of this, skin augmentation surgery has not yet been performed, doctors are waiting for the limb to heal. Only a bunch of metal was left from the tractor.

 Without doubt, farmers suffer huge losses because of the attacks. Last year, only 100 of the 800 hectares were sown, which was very risky to do.

I cannot allow myself to think about work. The main thing now is to find money for the surgery. We live on disability payments and mother's pension - about 2000 UAH. This is barely enough for food and medicine.

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