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Stories that you confided to us

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Sasha Karkachova

"I wish my family would unite back together"

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For me, it is when you can sleep at night, go out with your friends, go to school, or not think about the world around you. In my case, it is living in my home town.

The war came unexpectedly for me. It sneaked in unnoticed.

In three years of living in a war zone, a lot of good and bad things happened. Before the war came, I never thought that this would happen in my life. For example, the biggest change for me is moving to another city.

 And now I really wish to see my friends, classmates and relatives. Or just walk through the familiar streets to go home, to school, to go to his apartment.

If only peace would come, I would like to get a good education and my family to be united.

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