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Stories that you confided to us

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Sofiia Kozhokar

"The rattling sound was so loud that everyone woke up"

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The war started in 2014. Our family left our home. We came to stay at my grandmother's. My mother, my grandparents and I were sleeping together when shelling happened in the middle of the night. The thumping was very loud, and everyone woke up. I didn't understand anything. I was taken to the cellar.

We packed up the next day and went to stay at our grandma Nina's house in the village. Mother didn't come. I lived there with my grandparents. And even though we stayed there only for a week, I managed to find friends.

We went to Uspenivka. I could not find friends for a long time. However, I got along with my cousin Vira. Then I went to school and found friends there. But I really missed my mother. Fortunately, holidays began, and I went to Donetsk to see my mother.

In 2015,  I did not go to Donetsk on vacation for the first time. I stayed in Uspenivka. I found my best friend there and I'm still friends with her.

I wish the war would end and people would restore their homes.

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