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Stories that you confided to us

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Olena Polyvoda

"We could barely survive this winter"

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My daughter Sasha is one and a half years old. When I was still pregnant, I ran to Halytsynivka from Avdiivka to seek survival from the shelling. I thought that the village where my mother lives is much quieter, but even here we are haunted by the war.

Once there was a very strong attack, and my daughter was so scared that I took her to the witch doctress. She said the child was terrified.

I raise my daughter myself and take care of my nine-year-old nephew Kostia. His own mother forgot about his son.

All our income is 1500 UAH of social security benefits. The vegetable garden and a small household are our salvation. We barely survived this winter, and we spent all our savings on firewood. I spent the whole summer saving money to get my nephew ready for school, but I only saved enough for stationery. A backpack and a suit were gifts from good people.

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