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Stories that you confided to us

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Zinaida Orlova

"If it wasn't for the war, we might have done chemotherapy for our daughter"

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Only one apartment in the whole house was occupied. It was mine. The neighbors could not stand this life. They abandoned everything and left.

I live with my 47-year-old daughter who has cancer. She has been battling cancer for seven years. She already had metastases in the lung. We did a surgery, but the metastases spread to the bones. Daughter doesn't get up at all. She just lies in the warmest room, where the temperature does not rise above +10 degrees.

We used to have independent heating in our apartment. Now the radiators won't work due to frost and lack of gas. We will warm up in winter with the help of a bourgeois stove, but it is still gathering dust in the basement, because there is no place to take coal and firewood.

We don't know how we'll spend the winter.

We returned to Krasnohorivka only because my daughter wanted to spend the last days at home. And then she had to suffer from this terror of war and cold. If it wasn't for the war, we might have done chemo. We have to spend the last of our money on painkillers. We spend our entire income, 2700 UAH, on medication. You can't survive without humanitarian aid.

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