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Stories that you confided to us

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Illia Kobozev

"If this war had not started, I would have done a lot"

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 Where should I start? I'll start with my friends. Yes, of course, they left, but we still communicated. And we didn't go anywhere. But damn! When the volleyball section was closed, the whole school was upset about it. We couldn't go to relatives, and it was a shame, damn it!

Oh, if this war hadn't started, I would have done a lot of things that I didn't have time to do. Still, I will fulfill my dream: I will be a doctor and a volleyball player.

And more. When I left in 2017, I had a great rest. I went to the camp "Soniachnyi". I don't have much of a street vibe at home. And everything is so quiet in the camp. So I went away for the whole summer and forgot all the fuss I had at home. I made true almost all my dreams in the camp.

Peace different thing for everyone, for someone it's when you can't hear the shots; and for me it is when everyone is alive, healthy and happy, when there is an opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

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