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Stories that you confided to us

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Anastasia Chumak

"As a child, I learned what war and real pain are"

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I've lived through a lot in four years. I learned what war  real pain, fear for my family is.

The first time I saw war was in 2014, when my brother was born. Mom and dad were scared and decided to take us to my grandmother in the village of Kamianka, in Donetsk region. When we went there, we tried to avoid the bombing. Thank God we got there safely.

When the bombing stopped in Donetsk, we decided to return. When we got home, we called my grandmother the next day, but she didn't answer. We were worried and called my aunt who lived in Yenakiievo, and she told us that near them in Torez the Boeing went down. She said they saw things from people who died falling. A month later, we learned that they had started a war.

My grandmother was very afraid, she could have a heart attack or stroke at any time. Two months later, she and my grandfather came to us, and we all went to the village to another grandmother.

My grandmother told me how she once stayed in the house under fire. She said she was sitting  in a room and prayed to God to survive.

After that, a week later, my aunt and a disabled cousin joined us. They were driving through a roadblock and were worried because no one knew what could happen in three seconds.

There were 15 of us in one house, we supported each other and said nice words. Then it became quiet in the village of Kamianka, so my grandparents went home, and then my aunt and brother left.

In 2015, my parents and I moved to Kyiv. During the two years I have lived in the capital, I have visited many countries and seen the world in bright colors. For this I am greatful to my parents. Instead of buying an apartment, my parents gave me money to travel. By the way, I go abroad without my parents, but with teachers from school!

What worries me most is that I can't go to Donetsk, see friends, kiss people close to me, or go back to my favorite apartment. Life is beautiful, except that I don't see my classmates growing up, I don't see the smiles of my loved ones...

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