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Stories that you confided to us

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Elizaveta Semenova

“Twice I tried to leave, but I could not start life anew in another place”

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Our yard is covered with fragments of shells, and the house bursts from constant explosions. Children play with fragments, because shells flew to us more than once, they ruined the garden. 

It was especially scary in 2015, when shells flew over our heads. I fell and lay until the bombing was stopped, and the eldest daughter was in the house with the children.

We tried twice to leave and start life anew in another place, but we could not do it. We began to run out of money, and we had to return.

We often spend nights in the hallway, where there are no windows and there is more chance of safety. We get in a row with the children and sit. The cracks from the explosions in the house were huge, such that the hand could be placed inside.

My husband was killed in an accident before the war; I get social benefits for three children, but this is not enough. The cold season is coming, and to buy coal is unrealistic, it is worth more than five thousand hryvnias per ton. It’s dangerous to get firewood, shells fly everywhere or you can blow up a mine. Very frightening.

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