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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Belykh

“My daughter heard shelling, but we did not know what to do and where to run”

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My daughter Miroslava is a very active girl, very smart, she likes to recite poems, sing songs and play with children. 

She is the same age as the war in Donbass. She was four months old when Mariupol came under massive shelling. She heard them shooting, but we did not know what to do and where to run if something happened to her suddenly.

She has a heart defect, at birth the inter-arterial duct did not close. We hoped that in the first years of her life, the body itself would cope with the disease and surgery would not be required. But the miracle did not occur. 

A surgery was needed, and my husband lost his job in 2014, with the outbreak of hostilities. The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation helped - they bought an implant, helped to make the surgery to close this duct.

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