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Stories that you confided to us

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Iryna Prokopenko

"I still pay my debts for the treatment of my dead baby"

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Son was born with serious pathologies, and he required a surgery urgently. I am an unemployed single mother, so raising the necessary funds was impossible. The first surgery was successful. We didn't have time to do the second one at the hospital. Vova lived a little more than six months.

 Now I am raising my eldest son and nephew. My own sister left her son Zhenya two years ago and went to another city.

 The boys started school this year. They have to attend classes with half-empty pencil-cases. The family does not have enough money to buy all the necessary accessories. I still pay my debts for the treatment of my dead baby.

 We have no work in the village. Our parents help us financially. The main thing for us now is to prepare for winter. I still do not know how I will heat the house. This is how many people in our village survive. We are on the line of contact.

Armed hostilities have not broken off here for almost two years. We live under fire and do not know how to feed ourselves.

But I am sure that I can cope with all the severities. The main thing is that children grow up healthy.

Zaitseve (Horlivka) 2014 Text Civilian's stories
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