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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentina Filippova

"Children got under fire several times"

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We came from Slavnoe two years ago. We left a dilapidated house there, because it was mortally dangerous to stay in it. The children got under fire several times. They remember how they fled for life.

They didn’t get used to the new place, I still don’t want to put things apart. We are all waiting for the opportunity to return home. Here it is a doomed life, we do not live, but exist. Of course, we are grateful that people aided us, but we are cut off from all life. It just doesn't exist.

We, as a low-income family, were given free housing. Drafts are there inside the house, cracks and holes are on the walls. But we no longer know where to run from all this, it is very difficult.

Power outages in Novomikhaylovka are frequent. There was not even a mobile connection for five days, and without electricity we stayed for two days. And the shelling was also heard.

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