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Stories that you confided to us

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Olena Kalinichenko

"Kids say they got used to explosions. And they calm down the mother"

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We live in constant fear for our children.

I have six of them - that’s a lot of hassle. But all the kids help with the housework.

The whistling of shells in our Talakivka does not cease day or night. The house is shaking, and so are we. We taught the children that during the shooting they should put a blanket on the floor and lie down. We are very afraid for the children, for all the children who live here.

Children say that they got used to explosions, but they hide from them and comfort each other and the mother.

This fear is not groundless. After one of the attacks, three-year-old Galya was very scared, closed herself in and still does not talk, just points with her finger. We have no money for her treatment, we barely have enough for food.

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