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Stories that you confided to us

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Nadiia Shukailova

"We couldn't buy medicines for four months"

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Both sons have the same diagnosis-asthma attacks. Expensive medicines can help, but we, the migrants, do not have money for them. For four months, we couldn't buy medicine.

They breathe through an inhaler three times a day. People are born with asthma. Nine-year-old Nikita has complications from bronchitis, and six – year-old David has complications from pneumonia. Suffocation attacks occur both day and night.

It's very scary, and the ambulance doesn't arrive very quickly.

Our family is large, we are immigrants from Makiivka. We came to Novogrodivka because we have relatives here.

Diana is our oldest daughter of eight children, she dreams of becoming a doctor and curing her brothers. But she still needs help herself, she has heart problems. We don't have much money, and children can't survive without the necessary medications.

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