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Stories that you confided to us

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Elena Grets

"Four children, a dog and Donetsk registration - realtors just hung up on us"

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When hostilities started in our city, I was pregnant with my fifth child. We sat in the cellar all day, then I had a fit. The husband was on the way back to pick us up and take us away, but the military would not let him through, because the bridge was blown up. Finally, they gave him 10 minutes to pick us up and take us away.

Then the months of wandering began. We, being a large family, for a long time could not rent a house. Four children, a small dog and a Donetsk registration. When we told realtors all this, they simply hang up the phone.

Now we’ve settled, but I noticed that I’m nervous if I suddenly see that we are running out of food. Perhaps, everyone who has been in the zone of military conflict for a long time has such reserve thinking. The 11-year-old daughter Karina recalls the past with tears. Until now, she is frightened even when balloons burst.

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