Stories that you confided to us

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Stories that you confided to us

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Daniil Tolpekin

"It was scary. There were explosions"

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In 2014, I had to leave Avdiivka for the city of Dobropillia because of the very strong shooting and it was scary. There were explosions, buildings were burning. I couldn't go out with my friends, I couldn't go to the store in peace, or take a walk with my family. I had to separate with my many friends!

My grandparents stayed there, and I'm afraid to come because of the shooting!

I dream of Peace.

I see peace this way: no one should shoot or kill. So that everything is restored and further evolve. All the people come to their homes. The most famous "Donbass Arena" is restored. So that all people or the majority become kinder and no one else saw or heard about scary war.

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